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updated: 12.02.2004

Since the 1950's the Chief Executives of national organisations responsible for promoting exports from, and investments to, European countries have been meeting annually to discuss topics of common interest. 31 organisations from 28 countries (as of Sept. 1996) now take part in the European Trade Promotion Organisation (ETPO) and there is also a Working Group on Information Processing (ETPO-WGIP).


ETPO WGIP Meeting, Oslo - 6/7 May 2004
ETPO WGIP Meeting, Dublin - 7/8 Oct 2004
ETPO WGIP Meeting, Vienna - Spring 2005
ETPO WGIP Meeting, London - 15/16 Sept 2005
ETPO WGIP Meeting, Cologne - Spring 2006

ETPO - Members and Homepages

  • Austria WK÷ - Austrian Federal Economic Chamber mail
  • Belgium OBCE/BDBH - Belgium Foreign Trade Board mail
  • Cyprus CCCI - Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry mail
  • Cyprus, Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism mail
  • Czech Republic CT - Czech Trade Promotion Agency / Czech Trade mail
  • Czech Republic MIT - Ministry of Industry and Trade mail
  • Denmark DI - Confederation of Danish Industries mail
  • Denmark Danish Trade Council, Royal Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs mail
  • Estonia Enterprise Estonia mail
  • Finland Finpro mail
  • France CFME-ACTIM - Agency for the international promotion of French technology and trade
  • France UBIFRANCE mail
  • Germany bfai - German Office for Foreign Trade mail
  • Greece HEPO - Hellenic Foreign Trade Board S.A. mail
  • Hungary ITDH - Hungarian Investment and Trade Development Agency mail
  • Iceland TCI - Trade Council of Iceland mail
  • Ireland Enterprise Ireland mail
  • Italy ICE - Italian Institute for Foreign Trade mail
  • Latvia LAA - Latvian Development Agency mail
  • Lithuania LEPA - Lithuanian Development Agency mail
  • Malta METCO - Malta External Trade Corporation mail
  • Netherlands EVD - Netherlands Foreign Trade Agency mail
  • Norway NTC - Norwegian Trade Council mail
  • Poland Ministry of Economy, Labour and Social Policy - Department for Foreign Investment and Export Promotion
  • Portugal ICEP - Icep Portugal - Investment, Trade and Tourism mail
  • Slovak Republik FTSF - Foreign Trade Support Fund mail
  • Slovak Republik Ministry of Economy
  • Slovenia TIPO - Ministry of the Economy mail
  • Spain ICEX - Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade mail
  • Sweden STC - Swedish Trade Council mail
  • Switzerland Osec Business Network Switzerland mail
  • Turkey IGEME - Export Promotion Center of Turkey mail
  • United Kingdom UK Trade & Investment
  • United Nations UN-ITC - International Trade Centre - UNCTAD/WTO

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